my favourite street food in Hanoi


  • bún thang – one of Hanoi signature noodle soups – end of Hạ Hồi street
  • ốc luộc – boiled snails – Đinh Liệt/ Hàm Long
  • bún ốc – snail noodle soup the traditional way – 16 Đặng Dung (6am – 2pm only)
  • mì vằn thắn – dimsum noodle soup – 86 Phố Huế (near Chợ Hôm)
  • bún mọc – meatball noodle soup – Nguyễn Chế Nghĩa (a small lane on Hàm Long street, til noon only)
  • miến lươn – eel noodle soup – Hàm Long street, close to Lý Tự Trọng school
  • bánh mỳ pate & sốt vang – bagguette sandwich & beef stew at the counter of Cửa Nam & Hàng Bông str. (i prefer the one in the morning, serve ‘til 2pm)
  • bánh đa cua  – crab noodle soup – Trang Tien lane

enjoy and for more recommendations, visit Vietnamese Culture Space


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