Exercise On the Go!

exercise anywhere

On days when I go to work in the mornings and don’t have time to do yoga and meditation after breakfast as usual, I do exercises on the go – that make up some basic positions of meditation, yoga and aerobic workout.

  • I leave myself enough time to walk slowly to the station and keep my back straight as when I meditate. By being straight, you not only look better but also feel better and your back will thank you


  • I walk up the stairs or the escalator most of the time unless I have heavy luggage; tuck my belly in so I can use walking as an abs-exercise as well


  • Sitting or standing in the tube/ train, I try to keep my back straight as well, although I tend to rest my back on the chair when I sit


  • Before work, I fill up my glass bottle with some still water. I use a small bottle – when the water runs out after not too long, it’s a good chance for me to stand up, have a little break from the computer and fill up the bottle again.


  • I try to sit straight in front of the computer – same as when walking – it really pleases my back. I sometimes do a quick back bend position by putting my right hand on the left knee, left hand to the back and then reverse.


  • I install EyeLeo for the computer and set 2 minute break every 40 minutes. When the computer screen freezes during break time, I stand up, go to the toilet, do some stretches, add some water to my tea/ water cup


  • I walk to have lunch in between working hours so I do not sit too much for a long time


  • I go the toilet when I need to, sometimes work can carry you on and hold these needs – that is not good for your health and mood, you have to do it anyway, why holding it


  • In the toilet, sometimes I do stretches for my arm and back when they feel tiring – it feels great after sitting for a while! I normally turn my back from side to side, turn my head around, stretch my arms to all sides and finish with a standing forward bend.


  • Before leaving, I fill my small bottle with water again. Same for walking back, I take my time and keep my back straight, walk the escalators, try to sit or stand straight in the tube/ train and drink some water.


  • Since I start my 8 week MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), I listen to guided meditation audio by Mark Williams (Oxford Mindfulness Centre) on the tube and have great relaxation after a whole day at work.

If there is anything else you think can be added to ‘exercise – on the go’, please share!






One thought on “Exercise On the Go!

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    During the months of my internship from February until May, I work three full-time days a week and did not have time in the morning to do yoga as usual on these days. In this post, I will share what I do to exercise on the go that make up some basic positions of meditation, yoga and aerobic workout that I do normally.


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