Friends who inspire me to practise meditation & yoga

In my  post ‘How I started doing meditation and yoga everyday’, I have not mentioned friends and other sources who have inspired me to have a healthier life. My close friend since twelve – Ly is the one who got me started with practising yoga since high school time in early 2000s. She has been doing meditation and yoga every day for a long time now. You can read her experiences on her blog here.

My boyfriend’s friend – Joel has been going to bed at 10 pm and waking up at 6 am every morning and practise meditation and yoga with his girlfriend (now fiancé and wife-to-be) Gabi for a long time that really inspired me.

My boyfriend has practised yoga a few times with me before but he prefers running and cycling. I do believe meditation and yoga would be helpful for his breathing, being calm and focus but I cannot persuade him (yet). People come to yoga when they really need it and they will stay with it if it is right for them. It took me about ten years to take yoga in daily routine anyway. I let go the want of doing couple yoga and practise meditation and yoga while my boyfriend practises classical guitar in the same room we share. However, if you have been to a classical concert, especially a solo one, you can see the pianist or guitarist close their eyes and stay still for a while before playing the first notes – they meditate before playing, with or without knowing it! Playing an instrument, especially in classical music, requires total concentration and it seems like a form of meditation when musicians dedicate themselves to playing a piece of music.

I had not been an early riser during the first year of university because classes start later than when I was in schools before. My boyfriend, however, always wake up at 8 am every morning to the call of his guitar as he often says ‘My guitar is calling me.’ when he wants to stop playing around and start practising or playing his guitar. Thanks to his healthy and hardworking habit, I have been waking up at the same time since I started my yoga and meditation habit and we can enjoy our breakfast together.

There are articles about yoga, meditation, nutrition and natural health care on Mind Body Green by certified and experienced trainers that can be a source of inspirations. However, I must say that the way the website number all the points in most articles encourages me to not read them carefully but run through many articles instead because of appealing titles around; and not read the article without numbers there properly as well.

P.S. You can check out my boyfriend’s website here.


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